Stabenow touts farm bill, effort to protect Lakes

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, has been busy this year, drafting a farm bill containing reforms and pushing to help Michigan farmers hit by the MF Global collapse, freak weather patterns and a drought.

Stabenow is seeking a third six-year Senate term. She spoke recently with The Detroit News.

Q: Is the climate on Capitol Hill as difficult and fiercely partisan as people say?

A: This is an extremely difficult time. There are those that decided for their own political, partisan reasons to choose not to work together.

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I'm Standing with Debbie

Debbie has always been a proud supporter of our Great Lakes. She has fought to ban oil drilling in our lakes and is leading the fight to stop Asian Carp from invading our waters!

-Aghogho E
Ann Arbor