Creating jobs and growing Michigan's economy

Senator Debbie Stabenow believes that the only way to have a strong middle-class in our state and country is if we’re making things and growing things. That’s why she is focused on making Michigan a magnet for innovative jobs of the future. Whether it is fostering advanced battery and clean energy technologies, leveraging the strength of Michigan agriculture to create new bio-manufacturing and bio-energy jobs, or unleashing the entrepreneurial talent of our small businesses, Debbie is using every tool at her disposal to fight for Michigan jobs and Michigan’s middle-class families.

Leadership in the New Economy - Advanced Batteries and Alternative Energy

Debbie Stabenow championed the effort to create incentives to boost the research, development and production of advanced batteries and other high-tech products in Michigan. These businesses have created thousands of jobs and promise to create tens of thousands more in the years ahead. But competition is fierce and we cannot afford to sit idly by. It is crucial that we seize opportunities right now that will position Michigan at the forefront of these new companies and the jobs of the future. That’s why Debbie introduced the Battery Innovation Act that will give Michigan-based companies the tools they need to out-compete our opponents and keep the U.S. in the lead of this new industry. Debbie is committed to America’s energy independence, and has been a champion of alternative energy like wind, solar, batteries and biofuels that will help end our dependence on foreign oil while creating good-paying jobs in Michigan.

Cracking Down on China’s Trade Violations

China’s trade violations give its firms an anti-competitive advantage over Michigan workers and businesses. To help level the playing field, Debbie authored her American Competitiveness Plan which created a trade enforcement unit to hold countries like China accountable. Stabenow’s plan also cracks down on illegal trade practices like currency manipulation, which makes foreign products artificially cheaper than ours. Her plan also stops countries from stealing American ideas that cost Michigan jobs.

Stopping Giveaways to Companies that Outsource, Encouraging Businesses to Bring Jobs Home

Debbie knows that Michigan workers are the best in the world and only require a level playing field to compete and win. Right now though, our country is rewarding companies who move jobs overseas with taxpayer subsidies. That’s outrageous. Debbie’s Bring Jobs Home Act ends those special tax breaks and instead cuts taxes for U.S. companies that move jobs back to America.

Expand Agriculture to Make Michigan an Economic Powerhouse

As the first Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee from Michigan since 1889, Debbie understands the enormous economic and job-creating opportunity of Michigan agriculture. Agriculture already supports almost one out of four Michigan jobs, and agriculture is the second largest part of our economy. Michigan agriculture is poised to grow further, emerging as the center of innovative new biofuels and agriculture-related manufacturing products.
Stabenow’s 2012 Farm Bill is good news for Michigan. Hailed as the greatest reform of agriculture policy in decades, Debbie worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass bipartisan legislation in the Senate that cuts $23 billion in wasteful spending, eliminates 100 unnecessary programs and authorizations, and cracks down on fraud and abuse. These reforms helped strengthen initiatives that help Michigan farmers, ranchers, and small business owners create new jobs. 

Standing up for Michigan Small Business

The entrepreneurs and innovators behind our small businesses create most of the new jobs in America and need a strong advocate in their corner. When other politicians were fighting to bail out the big banks on Wall Street, Debbie voted no, and instead fought to make sure our small businesses on Main Street were not left behind. She championed the Small Business Jobs Act, which cut taxes for small businesses by $12 billion and increased their access to credit and capital so they can invest and create jobs. Last year, she authored a new law that eliminated unnecessary IRS 1099 regulations, cutting red tape for 820,000 small businesses in Michigan.

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"Now more than ever, Michigan needs a fighter that will put partisanship aside and stay focused on creating jobs in Michigan's new economy. That is why Debbie is my choice for U.S. Senate."

-Owen A